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Advanced XML Reader Portable is a software for RSS Feed from biggest news website Indonesia, you need up to date news? use this software and you can get latest news, before other people now that news. Simply software but powerful for people who need world news

  • Metro TV - Nasional
  • Metro TV - Olahraga
  • Metro TV - Ekonomi
  • VivaNews - Korupsi
  • VivaNews - Politik
  • VivaNews - Teknologi


  1. This software automatically get newest RSS article from sources, you no need generate new XML file.
  2. You can search news from 2 criteria, from the title and from range of publish date
  3. This Software include mini RSS Browser Reader... you can enjoy read the RSS

Next version you can input your favorite RSS URL

This Software Developed By
Admanda Aji Baska and Yogi Rinaldi

Student of Information System, Ma Chung University, Malang - Indonesia




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